Elements Weatherproof Soft Furnishings are importers & distributors of Sunbrella Brand fabrics...
100% Solution Dyed Acrylics – UV resistant , water resistant*, chlorine resistant, salt resistant, mould/mildew resistant, breathable to prevent condensation, minimal shrinking or stretching, fade resistant & stain resistant. A breathable fabric made water repellant by a chemical treatment process during manufacturing. The treated fabric repels (beads) water. The fabrics are easy to clean which makes living with children, pets and nature's elements stress free. Our range offers rich colours, patterns and stylish textures.

Elements/Sunbrella brand fabrics are not 'waterproof' – but they are 'water repellent'. This means that during the finishing process, a water-repellent finish is applied to the fabric. The Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are made to be breathable to prevent odours being trapped, hence being water/ liquid resistant. The fabrics are designed to be left outdoors all year round, in combination with the outdoor specific foam the product is a true performance outdoor product. Normal wear and usage will reduce the effectiveness of the finish/ repellency over along period of time, as will cleaning the fabric. 
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